Wednesday, April 9, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2003 Upper Deck

What a fantastic card.

What’s so great about it? Only everything.

Let’s start with the picture. Look how much of the card it takes up. Upper Deck clearly makes Pedro the most important thing of the card. He’s front and center, and cropped to perfection. And, where is the UD logo? Tucked as far in the corner as it can get so that it’s out of the way. Right where it should be.

The name, team, and position are all right there on the front. They even added Pedro’s number to the section. My one complaint? The name and Red Sox logo are in foil, so they’re hard to see. The name is also written over the position and number, making it even harder. But, they are all set apart from the picture onto their own section. And that section is overlaid upon an image of…wait for it…Fenway!

That’s right. It’s not just some random baseball scene with no thought behind it. Nope. Upper deck selected an image of Pedro’s home park.


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