Friday, April 4, 2014

Got Rings?

It's the Home Opener!

And, of course, it's not just any home opener. Today the Red Sox will be having a little ceremony before the game. Something about getting some rings, or something.

Any Opening day is special. Ring ceremonies, even more so. Naturally. I mentioned in my Big Tickets post not too long ago, that the ring ceremonies are nice because you know that they're going to happen. If you have tickets for the game today, you know the Sox are going to get their rings. Any other big game is hinged on a "might." The Sox might win their home opener. Lester might pitch a great game. The Sox might clinch the World Series.

Today there are no "mights." There's going to be a party. There's going to be a celebration. Everyone who is at the game today is going to have a great time. There will be music. Specially appearances. Celebration.

It will be a giant party.

Beyond that, there will be baseball. Actual Red Sox baseball. Right there in Fenway Park. Is there anything more exciting than that?

If you're at the game today, hope you remember your camera. The Pics from Section 36 have been a bit stagnant with no games. The supply of pics for the Facebook daily postings has been dwindling during the off-season. They need to be restocked! The ring ceremony will be perfect for this. It creates a little downtime that can be used to take some great pictures. If you get yourself to Section 36, take your picture there. Or, if you can't, just aim your camera out to Section 36 and take your pic with it behind you. It couldn't be easier. Then just send it/them to me! Tweet them. Facebook message them. e-mail them. Whatever works the best. (And there's no such thing as too many!) I think I speak for everyone when I say that we like to see pictures of people enjoying Fenway's best  Section!

Enjoy it!

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