Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fully Operational

This is a big homestand for the Sox.

No, not because any one homestand in April or Mar is essential to the final standings. But, this is really their first look at the team as it’s supposed to look. Maybe over the next few games, everyone can get a feel for where they’ll be, and how it will all go. No more wondering where you’ll be playing, or where you’ll be batting. It’s time for a regular team to start to emerge.

Even beyond the touchy feely aspects to it, the fact that the whole team is there is pretty significant. Sure, “they’re all major leaguers” as Jimy Williams used to say. But, Shane Victorino is obviously an upgrade over Daniel Nava. Especially so far this year. Will Middlebrooks is better than the collection of scrubs they’ve been using while he was out. (OK. Brock Holt played pretty well.)

Which is good for us as fans. There’s no more waiting. No more biding our time. For me, the last month has been almost like Spring Training. Just biding my time until the team can be put together and actually play. Hoping that they can tread water so that they’re not too far back once everyone is ready to go.

That’s exactly what they’ve done. Sure, they’re below .500 and almost in last place. But, they’re also only four games behind the best record in the league. Only 3.5 games off the division lead. That’s close enough for me, with five months remaining in the season.

So, I’m excited about the next few games. I’m ready to see what this team can do. I’m ready to see the real 2014 Boston Red Sox.

I can’t wait.

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