Thursday, April 17, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2004 Playoff Prestige

I don’t hate this card, and I’m not really sure why.

It actually has many elements that on the surface would be ones that I can’t stand. It’s incredibly busy. There are squares and colors sprouting up all over the place. Pedro’s name is written on the side, so I have to twist my wrist to see it. It’s also in a goofy font for no reason in particular.  Everything is scattered about.

But, somehow, I don’t mind it.

Maybe because it still has a lot going for it. The picture of Pedro certainly stands out. The company logo is by far the least obtrusive part of the card. It has Pedro’s name, position, team, and team logo right there on the front. It checked off all the boxes on my card wishlist.

I certainly wouldn’t want this design used all the time. I’m usually fonder of the types of designs companies use on their flagship sets. But, as something that adds a little variety to a collection, I can handle this set.

Not that that’s a glowing endorsement..

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