Saturday, January 19, 2013

Red Sox 1-36: 19 is for...

Record 19 K’s in a game by Sox opponent

The record number for strikeouts by an opposing pitcher against the Red Sox in one game is 19. It has been accomplished twice. By the same pitcher. In the same season.

I can understand if Red Sox fans were tired of seeing Nolan Ryan during the 1974 season. Ryan struck out 19 Red Sox batters on June 19, and then did it again on August 12. Dominating.

To be fair, this isn’t Chris Bosio no-hitting the Sox. Nolan Ryan struck out plenty of people that year. 367 of them, in fact. But still, that can’t be fun to watch.

There are some players who just seem to do well against the Sox, for one reason or another. Whether it’s real or imagined. Sometimes it’s because they’re talented players. David Price tends to shut down the Sox. Or, sometimes it’s unexplainable. In either case, it’s simply deflating every time the other player does his thing.

So, imagine you’re back in 1974 watching this happen. Sure, Ryan is a good pitcher. He won 21 games in 1973. But, aren’t you still in disbelief? Can’t these guys do something with the bat? Anything? A groundout even? Just put the ball in play! It must have been beyond frustrating.

It’s probably what other fans felt like whenever Pedro was on the mound.

19 is for 19 strikeouts by Nolan Ryan against the Sox.

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