Thursday, January 17, 2013

From the Pedro Binder

2003 UD Top 40

My scanner did a number on this card. But, I’m sure you can get the general idea. The card has a graphic design of…the number 40.


Once again, all the information I want in a card is there. There’s a picture of Pedro. His name is there along with his team and position. It even lists his uniform number. Of course, it would be better if that information wasn’t in that annoying foil that card companies make you read.

But what about the design? I’m conflicted. It’s actually a pretty clean look. The picture of Pedro doesn’t have to compete too much with banners or graphics. I think my main problem with this card is that the picture is just too small. If I had a whole bunch of these cards of different players in a binder, I think it would look too much like I had the same card over and over. The size of the picture wouldn’t draw me in. Now, some people might actually like that part the best. There would be a consistency there. But, for me, the focus should be on the picture. I don’t collect cards with graphics on them. I collect cards with Pedro Martinez on them. He should actually be prominent on the card.

Despite that, I think I’ve decided that I like this card. (As if you really cared.)

OK Jere…I’m waiting

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  1. The armband makes it easy to narrow down. This was worn for Ted Williams starting on July 5th, 2002 and going to the end of that season. This is a home game, and despite that we can't see the background, looks very much like it's in the day time. (Not often you see a card photo from a night game anyway.)

    That leaves three games to choose from. 7/6, 8/10, 9/16.

    Looks like he was wearing sleeves in all games that year regardless of weather. In fact, I looked up newspaper articles and on 7/6 and 8/10 I confirmed he had the long sleeves. 9/16's game was delayed over an hour by rain and the day was described at "rain-spattered"--this doesn't look like a rainy day. So I think it's either 7/6 or 8/10.

    Now let's talk sweat stains. Check out this picture from September 4th in NY. That little valley of sweat to the right of the B on the hat matches up with the picture on the card. One would assume this sweat slowly built up over the season. Therefore I'd pick the game closest to this one, August 10th, 2002 vs. Minnesota. (If it is this game I'd say it's in the early innings since the game started at 4.)

    (I also worked for a while on a theory that he changed from tight pants to loose pants at some point during that season, but it didn't help me in the long run.)


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