Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ellsbury TTM Response

I’m still not quite ready to call this a TTM success. After all, when I sent the request out, I only asked for one thing. I didn’t get it. So, I have a hard time labeling this as a success. But, take a look at what I did end up with.

This is my haul from a Jacoby Ellsbury request. This was a total shocker to me. Best as I can tell, I sent this request out a few years ago. Spring Training 2010. So, it’d been a while.  But, it was probably worth the wait. The thing that pops out in the middle is the preprinted “autographed” photo card. As I’ve mentioned, this seems to have become the standard Red Sox response to TTM requests since it’s about the fifth one I’ve gotten. I don’t know if they only do it for the stars, or if David Ross would also send one out. I’ll have to try and find out. Looking at the signature on the card, I can’t think it’s real. It just looks preprinted to me. Interesting signature too. Just the first name. You’d think that if you were signing something to be reprinted thousands of times, you’d go the extra mile. The printing of the name also catches you off guard. I will say, though, that the flowing loops of the J and the y do make for an interesting visual.

I’m fairly certain that the card in the upper right is the one I sent. Like I said, it’s been a while. But, it looks like one I would have chosen.

I’m wondering if the schedule card is the official replacement of the standard pocket schedules. Has anyone seen a 2013 version of the pocket foldouts? If this is the new direction, I’m not a fan. Granted it’s nice to not have to fold open the schedule to read the games. But, from a collectable standpoint, it’s absolutely blah.

The red circle is a Red Sox bracelet. You know, those livestrong-style bands that are popular now. I probably won’t be wearing it.

There’s a logo sticker too. I’m sure that Jere will be thrilled to see that they’ve used the correct primary logo on the giveaway. Although, since they used the hanging sox, they avoided the confusion of picking the correct secondary circle logo.

They also included a little bag of Fenway dirt. That’s pretty cool. I’ve had the chance to be on the field at Fenway a couple times. Each time I managed to grab a pinch of dirt from the warning track in front of the Sox dugout. This dirt seems to be smaller grained, and redder. Could this be infield dirt then? I wonder how many TTM requests I would have to send out before I could cover my front yard in Fenway dirt.

So, while not quite a success, this was a great package to get in the mail.

Thanks Jacoby!

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  1. Eh, I get no joy from that choice of sticker--there was never a question about the new primary logo, as the hanging sox were much publicized, even appearing on the alternate cap. Like you said in the next line, it's the secondary logo that everybody messes up. Had they sent a current one of those, I would have been happy that the person in the TTM department was aware of the change and/or was given updated stickers to use.

    When I got my first tickets in the mail this year, I got that "Schedule card" too, and I wondered the same thing: is this the "new" pocket schedule? But I gotta figure it's not. Those fold-outs provide SO much ad space (and space for ballpark info, other team-related offers, etc.), there's no way they'd just scrap them. I think they're just late in getting them done and wanted to have something to send out for the time being.


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