Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do You like the 2004 Red Sox?

Did you like that team? Did that team excite you? Did you collect everything you could get your hands on relating to that team? Of course you did. After 86 years, you needed everything you could find with a World Series logo on it. I bet you managed to find a ticket to one of the World Series games on eBay. You went to the sporting goods store, and gobbled up as many of the official World Series baseballs as you could. You made sure you had a banner proclaiming the championship displayed in your living room. You’ve been hanging onto all those items since then.

Now, it pays off.

Those are three of the items you need to find for the 2012Section 36 Scavenger Hunt!

There are only TWO WEEKS left in the contest. So, take those pictures and send them in to me. Don’t forget what’s at stake. Worldwide fame and adoration! The wonderful book, Game Six by Mark Frost! 200 Red Sox baseball cards! (Not only that, if you happen to be a fan of one of those “other teams” I can try to get you 200 cards of that team instead of Red Sox ones. No promises though).

So, grab your camera and start taking those pictures. Send them to the section36 gmail account. Have fun!

Before time runs out!

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