Thursday, January 24, 2013

From the Pedro Binder

2001 UD Vintage All-Star Tributes

Pedro Martinez was an appropriate selection for an All-Star tribute card in 2001. Not only was he coming off what may have been the two best seasons by a pitcher in baseball history. But, he was injured when the time came for the 2001 All-Star game, so he wasn’t (couldn’t be) selected. But, he was still named on every coach’s ballot that Joe Torre handed out to help select his staff. So, they asked MLB for special permission to put Pedro on the team as a tribute member of some sort. That’s when you know you’re good. When your league can’t imagine an All-Star team without you on it. So, why not an All-Star Tribute card? Sounds reasonable.

What about the card itself? I like it. It’s clean and simple. I prefer full photos, but understand the need for variety when you’re making a set. The size of Pedro seems about right. Last time, when discussing the 2003 UD Top 40, I felt the picture was too small. If you had a page of those cards of different players, it would be hard to tell they were different. I think in this case, the picture is just the right size to keep the consistency in the design, while still allowing Pedro to be an individual. Speaking of the picture, does anyone else think it’s odd that Pedro still slit the sleeves of his jersey, even though he was wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath it? Wouldn’t that be at least as constrictive as a short sleeve?

The rest of the card works. The Player’s name and team are clearly written. It would be nice if the “vintage” logo were a little less prominent. But, the color hides it somewhat. The simple star design fits with the theme of the set. I have a hard time finding something I don’t like about the card.

Other than a “vintage” set from a company that’s 12 years old.

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