Monday, January 21, 2013

Five Years? Five Years!

5 years - The wood anniversary

Many moons ago, I was planning to attend a Red Sox game. Unfortunately, I had used the last blank scorecard in my book the previous game. So, I needed a new one. Since I realized I didn’t like any of the cards I could buy in stores, I decided to make my own. I put in all the features I thought I needed. When I was done I had a small square left blank. I couldn’t think of anything else I needed to add to the card, but didn’t like the look of the empty space. So, I figured a fancy logo would make the card look better, and more professional. Since the ticket for the game I was going to was in Section 36, that’s what I used for the logo. I threw a “Section 36” in front of a trapezoid and added a made-up website. It added a little something to the card. Perfect. While we were at the game, my brother noticed the logo, and asked if I owned the website. Of course, I didn’t. I would have no idea what to do with a website domain. I’m not a web designer. I once had a homepage on AOL when I was trading cards through one of their forums. But, that’s not even close to the same thing. I mean, it was AOL for crying out loud. He countered with the idea of a blog. Hmm. I could do that. It might even be fun. So, five years ago today, Section 36 was born.

Because of a blank space on a scorecard.

Thank goodness.

It’s been more fun then I ever could have thought. I’ve been able to interact with so many fantastic people. I’ve gotten back into trading, which I was sorely missing at the time. I’ve found a place to get things off my chest. Sometimes when the Sox trade all their talent away, you have to scream at somebody. Somewhere. Over the years, this little spot has grown. I doubt anybody was even reading this thing for the first six months or so. Now, people seem to actually be checking in every day. Who would have imagined?

So thanks to everyone who has been around these past five years. Thanks to everyone who has submitted pictures from Section 36. Thanks to everyone who has sent me completed scorecards or pictures of the logo. Thanks to everyone who has commented on posts, to let me know you’re out there. Thanks to everyone who has entered contests. Thanks to everyone who has completed trades with me, or simply sent cards just because.

Most of all, thanks to everyone for reading!


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