Sunday, July 22, 2012

Red Sox 1-36: 11 is for…

11 runs scored by Sox in game 1 of 2004 World Series

And they needed just about all of them. What an amazing game.

Really, you can expect a World Series game to be tense. You can even expect it to be back and forth. After all, in theory, these are the best pitchers and best hitters in the game. They should be able to have quite a battle. What you don’t expect is to start things off with an 11-9 game.

The Sox were able to score a lot of those runs right away. A four-run bottom of the first gave everyone in the stands something to cheer about. They got four more over their last two innings. That’s spreading out the fun.

The crazy part is that was most of the scoring for the rest of the series. The Sox won game 1 11-9. They won games 2-4 by a combined 13-3.

Were those the most important eleven runs in Red Sox history? Maybe. Maybe not. But, they certainly helped bring that first World Series victory of the century. That makes those eleven runs pretty important in my book.

11 is for eleven runs scored by the Sox in Game 1 of the 2004 World Series

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