Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Banner Weekend

Jere, reigning Scavenger Hunt Champion and author of A RedSox Fan from Pinstripe Territory, has come up with a great plan.

Much like I am, Jere is tired of the local media. He’s tired of them telling us how to think. He’s tired of them making up stories just to create controversy. He’s just sick of it all. So, he proposes we do something about it. An anti-media weekend at Fenway.

This weekend, the Yankees are in town for four games. As it happens, these games will be covered by four networks (NESN, MLB, FOX, and ESPN). So, Jere is proposing that people who go to Fenway this weekend bring signs displaying our disgust with local Red Sox coverage. While the signs might not get much play with NESN, the national networks might be able to have some fun with it. I can imagine that ESPN might enjoy showing a sign on Sunday with Tito in the booth that read “Beer and Chicken aren’t crimes!”

Obviously, a couple things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of a sign. Be creative or clever, NOT profane. And, for the love of Josh Beckett, don’t hold them up while the game is going on. Between innings will be just fine to get the point across.

Naturally, if you’re at Fenway this weekend and take pictures of these signs in or from Section 36, send them along so I can post them here. (Along with any other pictures you take in Section 36, of course.)

Get those creative juices flowing.

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