Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hits for Trade

Once again, I find myself with a stack of "hits" I've amassed over time. I'm sure that these cards will be much happier in another collection than mine. So, I'm offering them up for trade. All I ask in return is a similar card featuring a Red Sox player. It shouldn't be hard to work something out. So, have a look at what I have.

If you see something you like, leave a comment saying so. That way, everyone knows you're after that card. Then, send me an e-mail (section36 at gmail dotcom) telling me the card you want, and what you're offering.

Let's make some trades!


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  2. I will trade for the Chris Sale auto!

  3. Me too i will trade for the Sale auto and the Robinson maun patch card

  4. Joba and CC Sabathia please. I will find some Sox for you.

  5. Ozzie, B.Anderson, Smoltz,

    and if the others commenters don't work out:

    CC Sabathia and Chris Sale.



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