Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Clever Phillies Phan

I’ll admit that my latest contest placed some people at a disadvantage. The contest asked you to take a picture of yourself in Section 36. Obviously, that task was much easier if you happened to be going to a game at Fenway in June. Just snap a picture while you’re there. It also slightly favored some fans who take a lot of pictures while they’re at game. Maybe in your picture collection, you happened to have a shot of you in Section 36. But, that only helps if your local ballpark has a Section 36. What if it doesn’t?

What if you’re a Phillies Phan? What if Citizens Bank Park didn’t have the foresight to have a Section 36? What do you do in that case? You need to get clever.

Enter Dawgbones, a Phillies Phan. He didn’t let a little think like an inadequate ballpark stop him. Take a look at his entry.

That’s right. He took it upon himself to create a Section 36. In case you can’t read the sign on the wall, it states that “For the entirety of June, this cubicle will henceforth be referred to as: SECTION 36 with all of the appurtenant responsibilities, entitlements, and accouterments!”

How wonderful is that? That’s the kind of creativity and dedication I like to see. Unfortunately, despite all of that, Dawgbones did not win the drawing for the prize. Here at Section 36, however, I can’t let that kind of effort go unrewarded. When you think that far outside the box, and overcome such an obvious obstacle, you deserve some recognition. So, I have scoured Dawgbones’s wantlists, and he should be expecting a consolation package of cards shortly.

So, thanks again to Dawgbones, and everyone else who entered the contest. Stay tuned for another chance to win.

And, thanks for the creativity!

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  1. Awesome, though it's very hard to think outside the box, when you work in a cubicle!! But, I rule that particular cubicle!! Thanks for the flattery as well as the consolation prize!! Too Cool!!


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