Sunday, July 1, 2012

And the winner is…

Who is that man, shrouded in mystery? That is none other than the winner of the June contest! So, a big round of applause for Steve who won a copy of the spectacular book, The First Fall Classic. Steve has provided this blog with several pictures in the past, so I was expecting a strong entry from him. As you can see, he came through.

So, congratulations to Steve! If you see him, give him a slap on the back for me. Thanks, as well, to everyone who sent in an entry. I’ll be sharing the runner up photos with everyone along the way in the Pix from 36 page. I’m sure you’ll agree that I had several wonderful pictures entered.

For those that didn’t win, you’ll get another chance. Keep your eyes open for your next opportunity to win.

Congratulations again Steve!

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