Monday, January 9, 2012

I Love it When it All Comes Together

Not too long ago, I asked all of you which Red Sox card was missing from my collection. Kyle of Juust a Bit Outside suggested the 1983 Topps Wade Boggs rookie card. That was a fine suggestion. The rookie card of a recent Hall-of-Famer is certainly a must-have for any Red Sox collection. I also made a New Year’s day post saying that one of the things I’d like to do this year is make more trades with fellow bloggers. Sometimes, things just work out.

On January 1, Kyle and I completed a trade for the very 1983 Topps Wade Boggs rookie card. It must have been fate. The Boggs card is one that just had its timing off a bit for me. When I was younger, Boggs was a hot commodity. His rookie cards were priced out of my meager range. Once I had the means to acquire the card, it fell to the back of my priority list. He was a Yankee by then, for goodness sakes. Now that the internet has made every card from the 80’s as common as air, I never got the inkling to go after Boggs. So, I’m thrilled to finally be able to add this gem to my collection.

And, what a great card it is. Boggs is clearly taking a lead off of third base, in the middle of a forest. He could not look more bored to be in scoring position. I also like it when players like Boggs have a weird position listed. Imagine Boggs across the diamond at first? Not exactly the prototypical slugging first baseman. But, it’s a great time capsule back to a time where Boggs was apparently a utility infielder. Who would have guessed what was to come in the years ahead.

Kyle also included some other cards in the trade, including the Clemens Topps Gallery. I like the concept of the Gallery cards. Baseball cards as art. This particular shot, however, probable should have been redone. It’s a rather blah shot of an apparently dumfounded Clemens. Even so, it’s a welcome addition to my Red Sox collection.

So, thank you Kyle for getting my new year off on the right foot!

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