Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fenway Needs a Tris Speaker Statue

I’ve said before that I like statues as a way to honor people. I also really like the idea of having statues around a ballpark. When I went to Pittsburgh, it was really cool to walk around the park, and keep running into statues of past greats. It makes the place more visually interesting. It also makes for a great meeting place when you’re going to a game with friends. “See you at the game. Meet me by the Clemente.”

Fenway, of course, has statues. They’re an interesting selection of players. There’s one of Ted Williams and a little kid, and one of the famous four teammates from the forties. On their own, they’re great statues. They’re both deserving subjects. But, is it weird that Fenway only has the two statues, and both are of Ted Williams? I know he’s the greatest Red Sox of them all, but how about some variety? And, speaking of variety, the two statues are right next to each other. That puts a bit of a kink in the “meet you at…” appeal of a statue. It would be one thing if the sidewalk were turned into a walk of fame sort of thing with statues of all the greats along one sidewalk. But, this isn’t that. Why not put Ted on the other side of the park? On Ted Williams Way, perhaps? But, location isn’t as important. They just need more.

Photo by Ruben
Let’s assume the Sox move Ted to Gate C. How about some statues at the other corners. Wouldn’t a statue of Tris Speaker be perfect in the back corner…behind center field? To be honest, this would have been a great thing to unveil this year. As we celebrate Fenway’s 100 birthday, why not have a statue of Fenway’s first superstar? But, it’s probably too late for that. How about getting it in place for 2015, the 100th anniversary of Speaker’s other championship season? That would be fantastic.

The ownership has done a great job fixing up Fenway. Now it’s time to work on the area around it. 

I like statues.

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