Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Theo’s a Genius

This time last year, there were three first basemen of note entering the last year of contracts. It was pretty much assumed that one of them, Adrian Gonzalez, was all but signed to a long-term deal. The other two were unknowns. Now, they’re both knowns. And, boy, that Gonzalez deal looks like a gift. And Theo knew it.

He brought this very thing up during the negotiations last year. Gonzalez all but assured Theo that a deal would be reached. It was safe to make the trade for him, and work out the details later. Theo actually brought up the other two first basemen. What if, he asked, their contracts this off-season shoot the market to the sky, and the Sox can’t resign Adrian. He was told not to worry. Gonzalez only wanted what was fair. Thank goodness for that. Gonzalez’s contract is shorter, and about 25% less than the contracts for Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder. You can argue which of the three is a better contract. But, you can’t argue that Gonzalez is 25% less of a player than they are. Nicely done Red Sox.

The Fielder contract remind me of the Gonzalez trade because both teams already had darn good first basemen. They both had to get an all-star to switch positions for the new acquisition. Thankfully, both were more than willing to do so. There are mixed feeling as to what kind of a third baseman Miguel Cabrera will make. But, he won’t be bad enough to offset the added value of Fielder, that’s for sure. That’s a pretty potent line-up.

Of course, the Sox get to see this all in person right off the bat. They get to open the season in Detroit. Good thing the Tigers don’t have any pitching to go along with those bats.

Oh, right.


  1. You're gonna miss Theo. Interesting to see what the Cubs will do.

    I'm a Royals guy and we get to enjoy Fielder in our division and open the season against Pujols' Angels.

    Life is not fair.

    Also, I think Cabrera will move to LF. 3rd base has a lot of wear and tear they don't want on him.

  2. As a Cubs fan I like was he's doing so far. His moves seem very thought out and forward looking. He truly seems to be building the team long term, not just trying to put a team on the field for this year. I don't expect anything great for the next couple of years but I am hopeful for about 2015 on.


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