Saturday, September 9, 2017

Oh, There She Is!

Tomorrow night is a very big night. Especially for 51 amazing women in Atlantic City who will be competing for their dream job.

That's right. Tomorrow night once again brings us the Miss America Competition. Section 36 is once again honored to have two visitors who will be on stage competing for that prestigious title!

Miss Vermont Erin Connor was the more recent of the two. She visited with us just under a month ago. We talked about her Miss America talent, and the fact that she wasn't really nervous about the upcoming competition. I wonder if she feels the same way tonight, 24 hours away!

Miss Rhode Island Nicolette Peloquin visited with us back in June. She was most excited to about the interview portion of the competition. She was also switching her talent this year back to a tumbling routine. Let's hope it was a good switch!

Naturally, I want to wish both of them the best of luck tomorrow. Hopefully they can join Alissa Musto who made it to the top 15 last year, and Lauren Kuhn who made top five. And maybe, this year Miss America will rather be in Section 36!

How exciting would that be?

Good luck Erin and Nicolette! We'll be pulling for you!

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