Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Contest!

As we start another month, I’m giving you another chance to win! Once again, the prize will be a copy of Mike Vaccaro’s fabulous book, The First Fall Classic, which chronicles the 1912 Red Sox World Series win 100 years ago. What do you need to do to win? This month I’m making it really easy so that anyone can participate.

To enter, all you need to do is send me a picture of you and the Section 36 logo in a public place. So, print out the logo, and take your picture with it at the park, the zoo, the beach, your grocery store, or anyplace you can imagine. Then, send it in to me. If you have one of those fancy smartphones or tablets that allow you to display the logo electronically without printing it out first, you can do that too.

The winner will be the person who sends me the best picture. What defines “best?” I’ll let people vote on their favorite picture once all the entries are in. The picture that gets the most votes wins the contest! Depending on the number of entries, I may take it upon myself to select the ones I like the best as “finalists” and only open those up to voting. So, this time quality counts. Get creative! You can also feel free to submit multiple pictures. Only one would make it to the voting, but it would increase your chances of being selected as a finalist if I need to make cuts.

I’ll accept entries until 12:36 PM on August 31, 2012. As usual, I’ll remind you as we go along.

So get out there and take some pictures.

Good Luck!

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