Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blogs from Other Teams

Every once in a while, it happens. I want to read a blog from a fan of another team. Maybe I want to see what a Tampa fan’s reaction was to losing Carl Crawford. Or does a Padres blogger think Adrian Gonzalez will handle playing in Boston? Sometimes, it’s easy to find blogs of other teams, sometimes not. There are several blogs out there with rather extensive blogrolls linking to sites from all over. And, those are helpful. But, I still can’t find all the teams. And, many of the links I stumble upon are for blogs that are inactive, or just not very good. (No offense)

So, I turn to all of you for help. If you write, or know of, a good blog that focuses on a specific MLB team, leave a link in a comment so I can check it out. I’m not looking for the professional bloggers out there. I can find the Minnesota newspaper fairly easily to find a sportswriter’s blog. Plus, I may want to write and ask a specific question I have. I imagine I’d have a better chance of a response if I stuck to amateurs. (Although, if you are a professional, and want to hear from me you can certainly leave your own link)

So, who out there has a great baseball team blog? Which ones do I want to check out regularly?

Is there a blog by a Pirates fan?


  1. Braves Blogs:

    AJC beat blog with Dave O'Brien

    Best if you want a massive amount of Braves information. It has a very active and insane commentator base.

    Talking Chop
    Very thorough blog with a healthy (especially mentally) readership.

    Rowland's Office
    More informal and fun Braves blog.

  2. Here are two great blogs from the greatest team in the land!



  3. Adam, I think you gave me the wrong links. Those were Yankees blogs.


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