Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Collecting the Sox: 2010 Baseball Card Releases

Not too long ago, baseball card companies were a lot like car companies. Even though that Ford Focus is a 2010 model, it might have been made in 2009. Similarly, you could buy your 1987 baseball cards in time for Christmas, 1986. You would usually have enough time to complete your entire set before the calendar turned to the correct year. That changed a few years ago. In an attempt to make their baseball cards less confusing, the MLBPA set a few new rules for it licensees. One of them stated that cards for a specific year couldn’t be released until it was actually that year. A pretty simple concept, really.

What does that mean for Red Sox card collectors? Depends on what kind of collector you are. There are still plenty of cards to buy. My local Target still has boxes and boxes of 2009 cards on the shelves. (I think I saw some 2008 boxes not too long ago) It’s not like the decision deprived anyone of buying cards. What it did do is create a little excitement. When the calendar changes, it’s time for the new releases! The baseball card blogs out there have been going wild posting their reviews of the new products, and which cards they have been able to get. So from that end, I’m a bit behind the times. (That’s ok though, since from the beginning I’ve promised that I wouldn’t be breaking any news. There are a lot better places than here to get that stuff.) But, the new sets have a lot to look for from a Red Sox fan. Personally, I’ve always been a Topps fan. I’ve always liked their family of brands. It worked out well for me, since they were the only company given an MLB license this year. They released their standard base set (2010 Topps) not too long ago, and it looks sharp. Really, as I’ve mentioned in the past, there’s not a lot you can do with a baseball card design. So, as long as it has all the information on it, and isn’t annoying, I’m happy.
As with any base set, the checklist contains many of the players on the Sox you’d really want to see. The standard cards, like the Youkilis, are nice and clean. They have the basic info… name, team, and position. There are also attractive looking inserts that can enhance variety in a collection. The “ToppsTown” Kevin Youkilis is an example of those. In this case, there’s a code on the back that you can use online. It makes surfing the web a little bit more fun. There are even special cards displaying players from years gone by. The Fisk card shown depicts his most famous moment. (I do think it’s odd that the card is titled ‘The Wave” but the picture shows him after he was done waving.) So, whether you’re a fan of Red Sox teams of the past, or the current crop there are cards out there for you. There really is a little bit for everyone. Now that the releases are out, it’s time to start buying.

Now, if they’d just make more sets without Yankees.

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