Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Game of my Life -By: Chaz Scoggins

This book is really an anthology. Scoggins asks various members of
Red Sox history what they consider the game of their life. In some cases, it’s a major league debut. Sometimes it’s a huge playoff game. Other times it’s just a game that the player remembers fondly. Scoggins took the interviews with 20 players and turned them into the book. They recount each game, and why the player thought it was so important to them.

Once again, I was too young for this book. I wasn’t all that interested in what Mel Parnell had to say about his favorite game. The most recent player used was John Valentin. So, the stories weren’t quite in my fan wheelhouse. It was also a little annoying that some players picked the same game as another player. While it, obviously, wasn’t the payer’s fault, it would have been nice if Scoggins had weeded those out. Even combining the two would have been better than practically repeating the same chapter more than once. This is also a better read for the novice fan who doesn’t already know the stories behind many of the players. I don’t expect to bother to read this one again.

Rating: 2 bases.

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