Monday, February 12, 2018

Why are We Still Waiting for JD?

I'm sure you all know the deal. The Red Sox missed David Ortiz last year. Of course they did. You don't lose a bat like his, and not miss it at least a little bit. That, coupled with several players having down years, caused the offense to stall at times. I mean, "stall" being relative because the Sox still won their division. They lost in the playoffs to the eventual World Champions. It happens.

That caused many in Red Sox nation to think the Sox desperately needed to add a bat this offseason. Even Dave Dombrowski said the Red Sox would really like to add a bat. 

From there, everyone focused on JD Martinez. I'll admit, I had never heard of JD Martinez until after the season when people kept saying he was the perfect fit for the Red Sox. It did make a lot of sense. He was probably in their price range. He wouldn't require giving up a draft pick. The only real drawback is that he was an outfielder. The Sox are pretty full in the outfield. But, maybe as a DH with Hanley taking the first base role? But, then the Sox signed Mitch Moreland to play first. Hmm.

The Sox apparently made an offer to JD earlier in the offseason. All reports are that it was a very fair and reasonable offer, and might be the only offer JD has in hand. JD is waiting for a better offer, and the Red Sox seem more than willing to let him twist himself into knots before realizing he has no market. But, they're still waiting.

Which is why I'm confused.

I don't think the Red Sox should up their offer. God no. But, why haven't they rescinded their offer?

Because if JD signs, the Sox need to make a corresponding move. I always assumed that move would be to trade Jackie Bradley Jr. I hated hated hated the idea of letting JBJ go, but I had to admit it made the most sense. Plus, you could get something good in return for him. So JD+new guy would really help the team. But, as we get closer to pitchers and catchers reporting, it appears that JBJ isn't going anywhere. (phew) At this point, not sure there would be an easy deal to make. So, the options are to platoon your $100 million man with Hanley, or dump Hanley. Which increases JD's "salary" by another $20 million or so. That's starting to look much less appealing.

Not nearly as appealing as adding someone like Logan Morrison for about $90 million less than JD. You could platoon him with Hanley pretty easily, especially at that money. 

Or, go for one of the leftover pitchers. Do you think Arrieta is worth nine figures? Him as a fourth starter would be a pretty nice upgrade. Much better than spending that money on a fourth outfielder. Or, how about Alex Cobb? He's battle tested in the AL East for half that money. In fact, you could probably have Cobb AND Morrison for the money you'd pay JD. 

At this point, hanging around waiting for JD is getting old. It's time to fish or cut bait. If he's not signed by the first pitchers and catchers workout, the offer is off the table. He's had plenty of time to weigh his options. From there, the Sox could make another move. 

Or not.


  1. The problem is Boras. I guess he expects the Sox to bid against themselves. They should lower their offer at this point just to see Boras's reaction.

    1. Absolutely. Knock at least ten percent off. He's a luxury the Sox don't need. Treat him as such.


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