Monday, February 5, 2018

It's the 36th Day of the Year!

That's right! Day 36, this year, marks the start of baseball season!

Not only is football officially done for everyone, but today also marks the most confusing holiday on the Red Sox calendar.

Truck Day.

I know I've said it before. Every year, probably. But I don't understand it. One of these days I need to contact the Red Sox or something and ask them. What is the point of Truck Day?

No, not the festivities they held in Boston today. Those I actually understand. If people are going to go down and take pictures of a truck being loaded, might as well sent Wally out and give them hot cocoa or something. Any excuse for a party.

But, still don't understand what the truck is doing there in the first place. The Red Sox sent out a tweet today saying what was in the truck. 

Yup. A collection of things you'll need if you're going to be playing baseball.  But here's where I get lost. Why is that stuff in Boston? I mean, there's aren't old baseballs, are they? The bubblegum isn't left over from the playoffs last season, right? So when the Sox ordered it, why didn't they send it to Fort Myers?

And, players are down there right now working out. Some people stop by all offseason to use the facilities. Does that mean they players haven't been using a baseball to throw with? Are they bringing their own? Their own sunflower seeds?

Why isn't JetBlue Park fully stocked year round with jerseys and t-shirts? Why the truck? 

Does anyone know?

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