Wednesday, February 14, 2018

36 Pack Wax Match: Pack 7

The Stage has been set. The Match is underway. Who will come out on top? There’s only one way to find out.

Keep going, and open that seventh pack!

As we dive into this pack, the 1988 set has closed the gap a bit thanks to its pack six victory. Can it come all the way back?

Hall of Famer +1
Well, that's a way to start it off. A Hall of Famer card puts a point on the board. I really can't say much about this card. I don't like how the stripes on Molitor's left sleeve almost perfectly align with the stripes on the border...but are a different color scheme. It's just off to my eyes.

Unfortunately for 1988, that's where the scoring stops with just the one point. Will that be enough?

Yankees -2
Well, that certainly helps. 1990 drops below zero with this disgusting Yankees card. Although, Balboni's head extends into the its got that going for it.

Once again, the scoring ends after just one card. So, the 1988 set holds onto its lead to win the pack!

More important, it means 1988 stormed back to tie the match! Nobody seems able to pull away in this one!

Box Bottom: 1988 +1 (1-0)
Pack 1: 1990 +6 (1-1)
Pack 2: 1990 +4 (2-1)
Pack 3: 1988 +3 (2-2)
Pack 4: 1990 +1 (3-2)
Pack 5: 1990 +1 (4-2)
Pack 6: 1988 +2 (3-4)
Pack 7: 1988 +3 (4-4)

What will happen next time? 

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