Thursday, February 15, 2018

Catching All The Excitement!

There are workouts. Official workouts. Players are giving interviews on picnic tables under palm trees. Managers are talking about line-ups. 

That's right, your two-time defending AL East champs are in Spring Training! If that doesn't get you excited, then I'm not sure what's wrong with you. 

And, if that gets you excited, i'm sure you want to know how you can live through it all with everyone here in Section 36!

I'm glad you asked.

Because I can't wait to see what the season brings for this blog. I can't wait to write about the individual stars, and team victories all season long. And, while the team gets ready for the season, I thought I should try to improve myself before the season starts, as well. 

By reminding you of all the many ways you can enhance your Section 36 experience.

There's the Section 36 Facebook page. It's where you can find links to every blog post, and some amazing pictures almost every day. Right now, it sits at just over 450 likes. I'd love to get that over 500 before the season stats. Do you like it yet? You should!

The Section 36 Instagram account is another place to find wonderful pictures post all the time. There will even sometimes be links posted there, especially link to my many amazing interviews. Right now, just under 900 people are following along with all the fun. Wouldn't it be fantastic to get that number over 1000 before the Red Sox move north?

Section 36 Twitter is a great place for interaction. Again, links to blog posts can be found there. But, there will be a lot more discussion there as well. Over 1000 followers get to see what Section 36 Twitter has to offer. Can we double that before Opening Day?

Section 36 Snapchat is another fun way to interact directly with fans of the blog. If you haven't added Section 36 yet, you really should.

If everyone followed Section 36 in all those locations, just think how much more fun and exciting this season will be. With all those opportunities to enjoy the Red Sox together. I can't wait!

So go surround yourself with Section 36!


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