Monday, February 27, 2017

Who Should Start Opening Day?

Sorry EdRo, but there are really only three options for this question. And neither of them makes a particularly strong case. And, unfortunately, this year the Sox open the season at home. So you can't even split the honor by having one pitchers start Opening Day and having another start the home opener. So, you need to make a call.

Yes, I realize this is an awesome problem to have. It's not even because all the choices are equally bad. The problem is that they're equally strong. It means there is a decision to be made. What do you think?

The pitcher that probably seems like the most obvious choice is Rick Porcello. He's already apparently lined up to for the start. Assuming you call anything "lined up" a month away. If the Soxwanted any of the three to start, it wouldn't be too tough. But, Porcello is the reigning American League Cy Young award winner. So, that's an obvious feather in his cap. I guess for me there's still the stink of 2015 on him. He doesn't "feel" like an ace to me. But, that might be silly.

The other more obvious choice is David Price. While he didn't exactly earn the honor with his 2016 performance, he does have a Cy Young of his own on his resume. I think my bigger argument for him is that I assume he was signed to "be the ace". My assumption is that the Red Sox pitch to him when he was a free agent wasn't "Come be our number three starter." Again, it's not exactly the Red Sox's  fault that Porcello outperformed him. But, I don't remember there being a question about who would start the 2003 season after Derek Lowe's breakout 2002. It's was Pedro's role. He was the ace. Similarly, it was Price's role. Should he lose it?

The third choice, Chris Sale, really only has one thing going for him. He's the bright new shiny toy. Don't you want to show everyone your new toy as soon as you can? Don't you want to scare the rest of the league as soon as you can? He doesn't have the credentials the other two have. But, he's definitely a top starter, and would be getting the nod for just about any other team. Should he get it here?

So, who should it be? The reigning Cy Young? The hired ace? The new toy? Someone else?

Who gets your vote?


  1. I have been thinking about this same question. I do think that Porcello should be rewarded for winning the Cy Young Award, but at the same time, he has a bobblehead promotion the second game, so I kind of think he should be given that start. So ultimately, I'm probably going with Price, then Porcello, then Sale.

    1. I like the idea of Porcello starting on his bobblehead night.

  2. I'd like to see it lined up so that Sale goes in the home opener.


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