Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wait, it was Truck Day?

That’s not the way it’s supposed to happen. That’s not why Truck Day exists.

What started as a simple picture in the middle of a newspaper, and transformed into a sponsored event was never supposed to actually be an event. It was supposed to be a space filler. Something to casually mention as the countdown to spring continues. Something to make you remember that winter is almost over.

It wasn’t supposed to compete for your attention.

But, that’s what happened yesterday. Instead of having the news cycle entirely to itself, it had to compete with a celebration. It had to struggle to be heard over the announcement of the Section 36 Scavenger Hunt Champion. It didn’t stand a chance.

It also had to compete with the enjoyment over the results of this football game in Houston. It’s apparently a pretty big deal.

So, I can forgive you if you weren’t quite as wrapped up in Truck Day this year as you were in the past. I know my social media feeds were noticeably lacking in pictures of trucks. Everyone was still posting pictures in their Patriots gear. Everyone was too busy looking back to bother looking forward.

But, the truck left anyway. It is off to Florida to deliver equipment to all the players already down there. (Apparently the ball I saw Chris Sale throwing yesterday was actually invisible. Imagine how good he’ll look when he’s throwing an actual ball.) The countdown to spring has continued, even if we’re still focused on a fall sport.

Which is probably a good thing. Instead of staring at a blank field, waiting and waiting we can be distracted. By the time we remember the Sox are in Florida, there will be honest to goodness workouts going on. Something to actually pay attention to.

And that will be just wonderful.

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