Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ready for the Big Game?

Oh sure, I know there isn't a Red Sox game being played tomorrow. There's not even a baseball game being played. (is there?) But, I'm not foolish enough to think there's not some crossover between the fans of the different sports. So, I imagine that any number of fans of Section 36 are also Patriots fans. Why not prove it?

Just because you're showing your support for another team, it doesn't mean you can't remind everyone of your preference. Take Lauren here.

She's not afraid to show her preference for the world's greatest section, even while she's supporting the world's greatest quarterback.

Or, the world's greatest tight end.

And you should feel free to do that as well. Lauren sent these in a while ago, and they were great. But, you can send in new ones now! As you're getting ready to enjoy the big game by wearing your Patriots gear, or setting up your Patriots shrine, don't forget the important things. Grab some paper, and make a sign reminding people where you'd much rather be!

If you send me the picture, I'll share it on Facebook all day Sunday. It'll be fun! Send it any way you can. You can post it to the facebook page itself for me to share. Or facebook message. Or tweet it to me. Or, snap it to me! Or, e-mail it. Whatever works!

Can't wait to see all the creativity on Sunday!

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