Thursday, February 16, 2017

Everyone's Here

As we have arrived at the official reporting date for Red Sox position players, everyone is finally in camp. Thankfully, everyone made it on time. That means we don't have any of that made up "late to camp" storyline. As if missing a day of workouts is going to affect performance eight weeks later. But, this year we're all set. In fact, most players have been here at least a few days early. That's always interesting to me.

Especially for married players.

Now, usually I hate it when people try to compare celebrities to regular people. The "I have to go to work with a stiff neck, so Clay Buchholz should have to too" is one of the most ridiculous arguments ever. But, I'm going to do it here anyway. I'm trying to imagine that I work in a job that has me on the road for eight months at a time. Or, at least for significant amounts of those eight months. That means I have four months to spend at home with my wife and family. Sixteen weeks or so to kick back, enjoy time with my kids. Make up for lost time with my wife.

Only, instead, I decide to head to Florida a week early. So I can play catch with some other guys. Guys I'm going to see every day for the next eight months.

Just because.

There's no real benefit to showing up early. As wonderful as the facilities are in camp, I'm guessing the players have pretty sweet set-up os their own. So, it doesn't do anything for them.

Except cut family time short.

Now, I'll freely admit that it might be OK with everyone. I'm not calling them bad people or anything. Just wondering what Kelly's reaction is when Dustin Pedroia says he's taking off. Is she already sick of him and counting down the days to camp? Several of the players have new babies in the house. Does that cause any issues? Do all the wives and families go to Florida with them to make this a moot point? Or, is that just the way life works when you're a baseball player?

How does that conversation go?

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