Monday, April 11, 2016

They're Back!

That's right! Baseball will be played at Fenway Park today! And with it came all the smells and sounds of baseball!

Oh, along with the sights!

It's the sights that I'm going to focus on today, since I love pictures. (But, you knew that.) So, with the return of action to Fenway, it means the return of the fans as well.

And that means a lot more people taking pictures!

Which is great for this here blog. It's been a long winter where new submissions have been understandably slim. But, that all changes today. So, I'm excited for the fresh batch of pictures that I'm sure will be submitted every day all season.

Submitted by Dominique
Like pictures of people In Section 36. I don't think the tours that run all winter take you to Section 36. Weird. So, this is probably people's first chance in a while to grab a shot from there. I can't wait to see them!

Submitted by Lauren
Or pictures With Section 36. Even if you're at the park, it isn't always easy to make your way over to centerfield. I understand. I still love looking at the pictures people submit posing with Section 36 in the background. In fact, some of my favorite pictures are in this category.

Submitted by Michele
Even simply pictures Of Section 36. Those are fun too. To see what Fenway's greatest section looks like from every angle. It's great to see the variety.

Submitted by Lauren
Of course, I understand that not everyone can make it to the park for every game. Which is why I love the pictures taken holding a "I'd Rather be in Section 36" sign. Sure, you can take those pictures any time all year long. But, they're especially accurate when there's a game at Fenway. So, there's usually a fun increase in those submissions as well!

Submitted by Alissa
I've recently added yet another picture category as well. I've been having a little fun with different forms of Section 36 gear. That means that some people have t-shirts, or tank tops, or bumper stickers that show their support of the blog. Again, those pictures have been coming in all year, and have been a lot of fun. But, imagine a picture of someone wearing a Section 36 shirt and/or holding a Section 36 sticker while sitting in Section 36? That's a combination I can't wait to see happen.

Basically, I can wait to see any of the pictures. They're all incredible.

Send them in!

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