Saturday, April 9, 2016

Oh, and Porcello's Not Pedro Either

Yeah, I'm guessing I REALLY didn't need to remind you of that.

But, sometimes it feels like I do. Take today, for instance. 

Porcello had a decent day. Sure, people are going to harp on the 6.00 ERA. And, they're right. That is a high ERA. But, that doesn't mean he gave up six runs. In fact, he didn't. He only gave up four runs over six inning. And, let's be honest, giving up two two-run home runs to Jose Bautista in Toronto isn't exactly a sign of weakness.

So, instead of focusing on the ERA, how about the fact that he only walked one batter? Or, that he only gave up seven hits. Sure, a 1.33 WHIP isn't Pedro-esque. But, it's pretty good for a number four starter. So are his seven strikeouts. That works out to 10.5 strikeouts per nine innings. That is, in fact, Pedro-esque. (I mean, not Pedro's good years. But, you know, like when he was with the Mets.)

I think Porcello also suffers from a comparison to the impossible. Sure, he was a big trade acquisition. Sure, he was signed to a big contract. That doesn't mean he's bound for Cooperstown.

He's bound to be a very good pitcher. That's where our expectations should be. A pitcher doesn't have to be elite to be worthwhile. Regular pitchers are going to have off nights. Or, off innings. They're going to look, well, regular every once in a while. It's what we should be expecting from other pitchers.

There's only one Pedro.

It would do us good to remember that.

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