Sunday, April 17, 2016

That's More Like It

So, that's how it's all supposed to work!

When we all drew it up over the winter, that's exactly what we had in mind. David Price was going to pitch seven strong innings (at least). Kofi was going to pitch a scoreless inning, and Kimbrel was going to come in and strike out the side. Even if it's against the heart of the opposing order. 


But, even beyond that, you can see how a pitching performance is exactly what was missing last year. In 2015, the pitchers went through a slump. None of them were going deep into games. It wore on the bullpen. That turned it into a cyclical problem. Once the bullpen was worn out, they couldn't even hold leads when they were handed them. They were wiped out.

That had been happening the last turn or so this reason as well. But, Porvello managed to pitch into the seventh, so Tazawa only had to pitch a short inning. Then, with Price's game yesterday, Taz didn't even have to pitch. So, now the Sox have gone two games (and three days) without out using anyone other than those three in the bullpen. So, if the next guys can't quite go the distance, the Sox have some arms rested and ready. 

Exactly when they need them.

Price provides the resting spot to add on to anything else the others can give. Last year, after a performance like Porcello's, the next guy would have probably only gone five innings, and the rest would be gone. Now, everyone should be ready to go.

Exactly as the Sox planned.

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