Saturday, April 2, 2016

I Know You Don’t Care

But, like I say every year, it’s my blog. So you’ll just have to deal with it.

Today is the day I get to tell you all about my fantasy team! The draft was the other night, and I hope this year’s team will avenge my last place finish last year. (Thanks a lot Hanley, Pedroia, and Panda)

I should give you some league background so you can judge my team. It’s a ten team mixed league, standard 5x5 scoring. The rosters are pretty big, with 25 players on each team. This year, we had three keepers allowed per team. These keepers had to be players you drafted the previous years, and they counted as your selection in the same round this season. So, my first keeper was Mike Trout, and I (gladly) spent a first round pick on him since he was drafted there originally. Likewise, I kept Xander Bogaerts, and only had to use a 14th round pick on him, and spent a 15th rounder on Jon Lester. 

Of course, the big question in my league every year is just how many Red Sox players I will draft. I’ve gone as high as 11. I always have some. 

So, with all that in mind…who’d I get? Here’s my team.

C  Buster Posey (SF)
1B Freddie Freeman (ATL)
2B Dustin Pedroia (BOS)
3B Evan Longoria (TB)
SS Xander Bogaerts (BOS)
CI Lucas Duda (NYM)
MI Kolten Wong (STL)
OF Mike Trout (LAA)
OF Ben Revere (WSH)
OF Hanley Ramirez (BOS)
OF Christian Yelch (MIA)
Util Joc Pederson (LAD)
Util Khris Davis (OAK)
Util Jorge Soler (CHC)
Bench Stephen Vogt (OAK)
Bench Josh Harrison (PIT)
Bench Blake Swihart (BOS)

SP Zack Greinke (ARI)
SP Felix Hernandez (SEA)
SP Sonny Gray (OAK)
RP Craig Kimbrel (BOS)
RP Zach Britton (BAL)
P Adam Wainwright (STL)
P Jon Lester (CHC)
P Justin Verlander (DET)
Bench Arodys Vizcaino (ATL)
Bench Koji Uehara (BOS)

So, how’d I do?

The answer to the big question is, apparently, six. Six Red Sox made it on my team this year. Although, Koji and Swihart were my last two picks.

I don’t usually like to take other AL East players. I don’t need the conflict of cheering for a player to perform well against the Sox so often. So, it troubles me to have both Longoria and Britton. But, I couldn’t pass them up when the time came. For the same reason, I prefer NL players, and I certainly have a glut of those. More than half the team, in fact. 

During the draft, I took a lot of pitchers early, and I’m pleased with the results. I was expecting a less impressive offense. But, especially since I started with Trout and Bogaerts, I was able to grab enough solid guys to build a formidable team. 

But, that’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear yours.  Know you may need to know the make-up of the other teams to really give an answer. But, who do you like? Who do you hate? Did I nab your sleeper? Did I draft a loser?

How’d I do?

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