Thursday, April 28, 2016

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Skybox Metal

There is one thing that could make this card work. If it was, you know, actually metal. But, alas, it is not. 

Instead, Skybox just wants to give you the illusion that the card is a dull metallic gray. So, they took what would otherwise be a pretty decent card, and blurred it up to make it look metal.

Why on earth would you do that?

Because, look at that great design, if you could see any of it. The Skybox logo is so small that it's practically invisible. The Metal logo is almost as hidden. Pedro's name is nice and bold right across the top of the card. No tilting required to read it. His team, position, and even number are clearly written right under the name. Clear as day.

That leaves plenty of room for the picture to come front and center. Sure, the picture is pretty basic. But it's well cropped, and has everything you'd want in a picture of Pedro delivering a strike.

Then they had to go muck it up my making the card look metallic.

And it's not even metal.

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