Monday, April 4, 2016

Price isn’t Pedro

Yup. David price is not Pedro Martinez.

I know. Not exactly an earth shattering statement. After all, there will only be one Pedro Martinez. But, it’s something that I’m trying to remind myself as I get ready for the season to start.

I know I’ve told the story before. Many years ago a buddy of mine was asking how one of the pitchers on his fantasy team had done the night before. I responded that I didn’t know how it ended up, but he wasn’t doing well. Last I saw it was the second or third inning and he had already given up a run or two. He just looked at me and shook his head. He replied, “Boy, Pedro has completely ruined other pitchers for you, hasn’t he.”

I come back to that from time to time. How can anyone think Jon Lester is an ace? He’s only won like 16 games. His ERA is over three, for crying out loud. Curt Schilling an ace? He’s giving up four runs all the friggin time. How can they be aces?

They can be.

They’re just not Pedro.

So, as I get ready to watch the Red Sox and their $200 million dollar man, I find myself repeating that over and over. If David Price gives up three runs in six innings, he’s not a bust. If he only strikes out eight, he’s still a top performer. If his ERA is more than half of everyone else’s, he’s still dominating.

Hopefully everyone else remembers this too. It’s enough pressure for Price to live up to his contract while pitching for a new team. To try and be the savior that we hope he will be. It’s completely unreasonable to expect otherworldliness. 

I want to plan on enjoying every one of Price’s starts. Even if I only “expect” the Red Sox to win, as opposed to knowing that they will. Even if I’m hoping for ten strikeouts, as opposed to assuming it’ll be 15. I won’t be counting backwards from 21 to see how close he is to the record with every start. I probably won’t be stressing over the first hit every game wondering if this will finally be the no-hitter. I’m just going to enjoy one of the best pitchers in the league doing his best to win every game. I’m not going to compare him to the incomparable.

I’m not going to compare him to Pedro.

At least I hope I’m not.

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