Monday, January 4, 2016

Lose Weight and Read More

I’ve been stuck a little bit lately. You probably noticed, since it’s been a few days since I’ve posted. The odd thing is I’ve been stuck with the easiest filler post in history. A list of resolutions. 

You see them everywhere. I think every blog I read regularly has posted a list of goals for the year to improve their collections, or blogs. I’ve even done them before. But I’ve had trouble this year. I just finally figured out why.

I don’t really have any goals.

The most common resolutions come from the card collecting blogs I read. They set goals of obtaining a certain number of cards for this player collection, or a certain number of autographed cards. But, when it comes to my Red Sox collection, I don’t really care. I want them all. I’m not going to actively search out one card over another. I’ll happily accept whichever Red Sox cards happen to come my way. Most Red Sox cards I do get are from packs or sets. They’re certainly not something I need to write down a goal for. I’m just going to keep getting them when I get them. The only difference I come up with is my 1975 Topps set. Last year I even set a goal to make a great stab at completing it. I added three cards. I suppose I’m at the point where I should make it a priority to just get it off the list. I don’t have a ton of money left in it. But, I just don’t think it’s a goal I need to make. I’ll keep plugging away at it. I kind of like the hunt aspect. My life isn’t incomplete just because the set is.

Some people have been setting blogging goals. They want to post every day, or whatever. Well, I’ve already blown that one out of the water. So, I could make a goal to post regularly. But, that’s sort of what a blog is…isn’t it? So that seems like a silly thing to write down. (Although, again, I’ve done it in the past.) Rest assured, I’ll be doing my best to make regular quality posts, even though it’s not an official resolution.

So, since I’m out of ideas, I figure I’ll just steal some from others. This year, I want to lose weight, and read more.

I have lots of cards. I already try to purge out cards more than ten years old. The Phillies Room is a regular recipient of those unwanted stacks. I’d like to find more people willing to take them in as well. I also have lots of hits that I’ve accumulated. While I don’t know how many people want a GU jersey or 1/1 from the back-up second baseman for the Twins, I know there must be someone. So, I’d like to find them. Who knows, maybe they have an autographed card of the long man in the Sox bullpen they’d like to swap for it.

I also want to read more. There are an amazing number of great blogs out there. I want to be sure to read them, and comment on them. To become a more active member of the community. Especially when it comes to fellow members of the BYBHub. There’s a group there definitely worth becoming a more active part of.

So, there you have it. Those are my two resolutions, belated as they may be.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t things I want to do. There are even some new things I want to try. (Some, I want to try really soon…so be on the lookout.) I’m just not writing them down. They’re just part of being the best blogger and collector I can be.

Which I guess is the only resolution that matters.

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