Friday, January 8, 2016

Featuring Facebook

You may have noticed a little addition to the sidebar recently. Or, maybe you didn’t. I have no idea how observant you are. I added a Featured Facebook Photo. If you noticed it, you might be wondering what it is.

Or, maybe you figured out that it’s a photo from Facebook that I’m featuring.

Yup. I’m that clever.

See, I love pictures. I have a ton of them posted on the blog. But, not all of them. It’s already a pretty long line of pictures to scroll through. So, generally, I only post one or two from each person that submits on the blog. If someone sends me a dozen, one or two will make it on each picture page. But, all of them will find their way onto the Facebook page as a daily picture post. That way all the great pictures people are taking and sending in can be seen.

But, I wanted to still find a way to share more great pictures on the blog, like the one from the beautiful Alicia over there.

So, I decided to feature the pictures from Facebook that got the most “likes” the previous month. I was actually going to call it “Facebook Picture of the Month” but I wasn’t sure I’d actually change the picture on the first of every month. That seemed like a lot of work. This gets me off the hook a bit if I’m lazy.

So, if you submit a picture, make sure to “like” it when it shows up on Facebook. If you get the most “likes” in a month, your picture will be posted here for all the world to see. I’ll probably limit it to pictures with people in them as opposed to just pictures of the park, since those are generally a bit more fun. But, we’ll see. This is very much in a state of flux.

So, keep sending in your pictures, and keep “liking” them on Facebook! (Oh, and like the Facebook Page so that you can do that.)

Hopefully this will be a lot of fun!


  1. Does it have to be at Fenway? How about when Boston comes to Oakland? Could thay count? LOL ��

  2. Well, actually I think Oakland has a suite Section 36, so a picture in front of that would count. Or, you could always make a "I'd Rather be in Section 36" sign and take your picture with that. I post those too!


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