Thursday, January 21, 2016

From the Pedro Binder

2001 UD Legends

You know what really bugs me about cable TV? There’s so much wasted potential. There are so many channels with so many great ideas with so many great topics. But, then they blow it all away. MTV? Music television. What a concept. Hey, it’s cable. You can make an entire channel devoted to showing music videos. What happened? It’s now showing reality shows. Do they even mention music on those shows? Or The Learning Channel. Sure. A channel devoted to education and educational documentaries. What is it now? “Life Unscripted.” Reality shows. Educational value? ‘Nil. The History Channel? Nope sorry. We’ve decided that History Happens Every Day, so we’re just going to show reality shows. ESPN Classic? Showing a classic sporting event from years gone by? What a concept. But, no. We’ve decided that “Instant Classics” are the way to go. Nobody wants to stick with their niche. Even when it’s a good one.

That’s what I love about this card. Upper Deck made a set called “Legends.” So, what did it do? It gave it an old timey feel to the design. Made it seem like something hanging in a gallery, or a Hall of Fame. Not exact replicas of painting. This isn’t Topps Gallery. Not a replica of a plaque. This isn’t UD HOF. But, it has that feel. Like something elegant or noteworthy. Something about the border calls out “important” or even “stuffy.” Like it belongs in a professor’s office. The wood grain. It’s all a part of it. This is a set that knows what it is, and what it wants to be. It’s about Legends.

Now, you can argue it Pedro was a “legend” in 2001. As an active player, there’s a line to be drawn somewhere. But he’s as good an option as there was in the game at the time. 

I also like how they showed a picture of Pedro laughing. Sure the set is stuffy and important. But, Pedro’s a goofball. Just go with it. So, I give this set and card a lot of credit. It knew what it wanted to be, and stuck to the plan. It didn’t stray off course with a lot of the flash and flair that was common in other sets. It stayed true.

No reality shows to be found.

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