Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Eight Years!

Yup. That's correct. It was just over eight years ago today that I made my very first post. (somehow I always miss the actual day. I need to get better at that!)

I know I probably say it every year. But, when I look back at that first post, I can't believe a few things. First It's pretty short. I mean, a lifetime of pent up things to say, and that's all I could muster?

Second is the fact that I asked for pictures. Who in the name of Tris Speaker did I think I was? Why would people send me things? Well, I'm happy (and amazed) to say that eight years later almost 150 different people have sent in pictures to be posted on the blog. I'm always humbled whenever I am reminded of that number. So many people taking time out of their days. Incredible.

Of course, the blog and its readers have humbled me in other ways as well.

The blog has a Facebook page. So far, over 360 people have "liked" it. People I don't even know are having the blog's posts delivered right to their feed. Amazing.

The blog has a Twitter account. At the moment, more that 1,100 people are following it. Who would have imagined that over one thousand people want to hear the drivel that I spew? Wow.

The blog has an Instagram account. Over 500 people have voluntarily had my pictures sent right to their phones. Whenever I post one. Yup. 

There are even some people who follow section36 on snapchat. Not as many as the others, but its new. So, I wonder if that number will grow. I sure hope so.

The Scavenger Hunt has proven to be a lot of fun. Every year people look for items and send me pictures. What participation! I can't wait to see all of this year's entries.

I've had visitors! Actual celebrities (like Lauren and Alayna) have taken the time to be interviewed for this here blog. Talk about humbling.

Wonders beyond wonders, I've even had blog t-shirts made...and people are wearing them! Knock me over with a feather. Because of that success, I'm going to try selling tank tops soon. Who'd a thunk? Stay tuned!

So, a big thanks to everyone as I celebrate the blog's belated 8th birthday! Whether you've been here all along, or if this is the first post you've ever read. Whether you've sent in a dozen pictures, or you've just been looking at them. I truly appreciate each and every reader. It's been amazing, and can't see what happens for the rest of the journey.

Happy Birthday to Section 36!


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