Monday, January 25, 2016

Well, Now Who’s Going to Throw Out the First Pitch?

You’re probably aware that I like pictures. I know. I know. I mention it all the time. And, I bet you also know that I post pictures on the Section 36 Facebook Page. Right? You knew that. I try to post one a day to bring some joy to people’s lives.

When I can, I try to make the pictures relevant to the day they’re posted. Whether that’s Opening Day, or Star Wars Day, or Arbor Day. So, I’ve been posting appropriate Patriots pictures on football Sundays. Or, I suppose, whatever day the Patriots happen to be playing. But, as this season has been winding down, my collection of available pictures has been dwindling. (And I don’t like to post the same pic twice.) But, I actually thought to myself that it was OK. After the Patriots win the Super Bowl, they’ll probably be asked to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day again. So I’ll be able to restock.

How’s that for a statement you wouldn’t have made 20 years ago.

“No biggie. After the Patriots win back to back Super Bowls for the second time in 12 years or so, I’ll be able to get more pictures.”

What a time to be a Boston Sports fan. The amazing part is, that the fact that the Pats lost doesn’t eliminate the chances of celebrating a championship on Opening Day. Sure, the chances of the Celtics bringing one home are remote. And, I’m not sure what to make of the Bruins. But, I don’t think I’d be completely blown away if they managed to bring home a cup. All it takes is a hot goalie, right?

And, if all else fails, the Red Sox themselves are in a pretty good position to bring home their own ring.

I remember in the mid 80’s thinking how sat it must have been to be fans in other cities. After all, the Pats, Celtics, and Red Sox had made it to their sport’s final games in that time frame. The Bruins would make a finals not long after. But that was nothing compared to the run Boston has been on.

“No biggie. When the Patriots win the Super Bowl I can get more pictures”. The word “if” never entered my mind. I was planning on it.

My guess is that now, barring one of the other teams pulling through, is that the honor falls to Wade Boggs. That will be fine. It just won’t help me with my stock of photos.

Guess you readers will all have to help me out. Grab those Patriots jerseys (and any of the other Boston teams for that matter), make a “I’d Rather be in Section 36” sing, and send me a picture. That way when the Patriots season starts in the fall, I’ll have plenty of pictures ready to go. 

Unless, I suppose, Boggs wears a Patriots jersey for his pitch.

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