Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Red Sox 1-36: 25 is for…

25 Wins by the Sox in July ’48. Most wins in a month

It must have been fun to be a fan during July of 1948. 25 wins. In 2013, the Sox will only play 25 games in the month of July. (In 1948 the Sox played 34 games in the month.) The 25 wins even included 13 in a row. Which, I suppose, you’d expect. If you’re going to win a lot of games, you’re probably going to win a lot in a row. Not a bad time at all.

Due to the schedule these days, this looks like a mark that will remain the team high for quite some time. It’s one of the dangers when it comes to comparing stats from year to year. Some people might say they had it easier back then. It’s easier to win 25 games, naturally, when you play 34. But, it also means that you have play 34 games in 31 days. That can’t be easy. Right?

It also doesn’t mean the Sox haven’t had better 34 game stretches. They just didn’t happen to fall exactly within a calendar month. Does that make it any less significant? Not really. It still means the Sox were on quite a roll. What if they had that kind of stretch this year? If they played this July at the same .735 clip, they’d end up with 18 wins on the month. That would be pretty far-fetched. So, while the number of wins may be a fluke of scheduling, the performance is still real.

And lots of fun.

25 is for the 25 wins in the month of July 1948.

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