Sunday, July 7, 2013

From the Pedro Binder

1998 Donruss Silver Press Proof

Yeah, I have no idea what this card is either.

I understand the idea of a press proof. But, why is this one die cut? And covered, and I mean covered, with those Donruss logos? Just makes a jumbled mess of things.

That's too bad, because the rest of it is a pretty nice card. Everything I need is there. Player name, team. No position, but that's OK. Especially since the info is tucked out of the way on the bottom of the card. Even the standard Donruss logo is hidden up top. It allows for the picture of Pedro to be the most important part of the card.

Then they had to ruin it by going a press proofy with it. It's what Donruss was infamous for. Taking a good idea, and throwing it away. At least, in this case, it was just an insert set that they ruined. The base set works pretty well. But, this post isn't talking about the base card.

It's about the awful Press Proof version.

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