Friday, July 5, 2013

Lost in the Shuffle

So, the Celtics are trading away 40% of their starters. The Bruins lost 40% of their fan base to Dallas. The Patriots are changing their logo, or something else in the news. So, it might be easy to forget that the Sox are in first place.

In the American League! With more wins than anyone else in the game. Wow.

How are they doing it? I’ve given up asking. They’re just scoring more runs than the other team does. Over and over again.

At the beginning of the season I asked what the difference was between the 2013 Sox and the 2012 Giants. I couldn’t really find one then. I still can’t find one now. They’re the same team made up of a bunch of above average players who just happen to be pulling it out.

Hope it keeps going!

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  1. The reason is CHEMISTRY! They still have many of the talented players they've had plus some great glue guys. Check out the winning percentage of the teams Gomes has been on. Is he an all-star? Far from it, but he, like Millar, keeps the team loose. He'd run through a wall for any teammate and that is contagious.


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