Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pix from 36

Hopefully all of you have glanced at the list of pages at the top of this blog. If you haven’t, take a look now. See them? OK. Good. Do you see the one called “Pix from 36”? Have you ever clicked on it? You really should.

That’s the page where I post pictures people have sent in dealing with Section 36. Sometimes it’s pictures people took of themselves in the section. Sometimes it’s pictures people have taken from the section. Sometimes it’s pictures of the section itself. And, sometimes it’s pictures of people who wish they were in the section. When people send in a picture, I post it there. If they send in more than one, I might post the best one or two. (If you enjoy pictures, practically every picture that gets sent it will eventually make it on the Section 36 Facebook page. Another great reason to like it)

The pictures don’t get posted on any schedule. They just go up when I get around to it. So, you need to keep checking in order to see the new ones.

But, it’s occurred to me that some of you might not know to check every day. Or, you might not have even bothered to check out the page before. That’s a shame, because you’re missing a lot of great stuff. To prove it to you, I thought I’d show you some of the recent submissions. We’ve had a good crop lately!

Some people have taken their picture in Section 36

Some people have taken great pictures from Section 36

There are wonderful pictures of Section 36 itself

And, some people took their picture somewhere while they wanted to be in Section 36

Wasn’t that fun? Makes you want to be sure and check back so you don’t miss the new ones.

Probably also makes you want to submit your own.

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