Saturday, July 27, 2013

From the Pedro Binder

2000 Ultmate Victory

I’ve already discussed this set when I talked about the Tomo Ohka version. I think this set would be better as a less high end version. The gloss/shite that makes it “ultimate” takes away from the overall effect of the card.

The design’s not terrible. The blue border makes the card really pop. I like the edge treatment to the border too. A little something extra without getting crazy with it. The card has everything I need on it. Pedro’s name is right there plain as day. It also has his team, position, and even number. That’s a wonderful amount on information.

The main picture of Pedro fits nicely too. The vertical aspect of the picture means it isn’t disrupted from the half sized picture available. Even after cropping so much of the picture, it still works. Even the extra “headshot” works in this case. Pedro’s not making an offensive face or anything like that. It makes it not quite so obvious that it’s simply a copy of the same picture as the larger version. That’s less distracting.

Which would all make for a great card if the surface treatment didn’t mute it all. I know that Upper Deck was trying to jump into the high-end market. But, in this case, it would have been better off swimming in the shallow end.

Although seeing the All-Star patch on Pedro’s shoulder is always great.

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