Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Love West Coast Games

For one simple reason. They allow me to get some sleep.

I know right from the start that there’s no way I’m going to finish the game. While technically I could stay awake and catch the whole thing, there’s no possible arguemnt to make that it would be a good idea. So, I don’t even try. A regular 7:00 start? I assume I can make that. So, even when it’s a Yankees game and drags on for four hours, I’m already vested and have to stick it out. Same with the 8:00 starts for ESPN, or when they’re in Chicago. I convince myself that I can make it through the game, and end up pushing it too far.

But, when the game starts at 10:00? Nope. Never going to happen. I can tell right away, so I don’t even need to try. I might catch an inning or two, but I can easily break it off. I’ve already mentally resigned myself to the fact that I’m not finishing it. There’s no pressure.

It’s also apparently a fairly healthy way to follow the team. I didn’t know that the Sox blew a four run lead in Anaheim the other night. All I knew was that when I checked the score in the morning, they had lost. There was just the one second of disappointment. I didn’t anguish over run after run as it crossed the plate. They just lost. I didn’t know that they had trailed big time against Seattle. I wasn’t swearing at myself that they were blowing another chance against the hapless mariners. I just knew that they won big in the end. Last night when I stopped listening, they had a pretty big lead. When I woke up, they had won. Not too shabby at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no intentions of making this my standard practice. I won’t be ignoring any of the regular games just to avoid any torture. Catching scores in the morning can’t compare to watching the game unfold before you. But, it’s not exactly a terrible thing that geography has forced my hand.

Of course, I’m dreading the game on Saturday. A 9:00 start? On a weekend? I could convince myself that’s doable.

I need to come up with a better argument.

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  1. Quite often I don't come home from work until 11 or so, so if I watch the game it usually has to be the NESN replay.
    The best part about East Coast games is that while I'm watching them, I don't already know who won.


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