Wednesday, September 1, 2010

36 Questions: Manny Ramirez edition

Manny Ramirez was recently sent from the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Chicago White Sox. Manny suited up for the first time for his new team last night, in a Chicago victory. Since Manny’s name has been in the paper this last week or so, it’s reminded me of a few questions I’ve had brewing. I figured I’d ask them here.

In a recent extra-innings game, Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies was ejected after arguing a strike call. The Phillies are in the playoff hunt, and desperately need wins. Howard is their premier slugger. By being ejected, the Phillies didn’t have enough position players left to take his place. Roy Oswalt was needed to go in and play left field. As luck would have it, Oswalt came to the plate with the tying runs on base later in the game, and didn’t produce. The Phillies lost a game they needed to win. After the game, I’ve seen reports that Howard should have been able to control his emotions better, and done whatever he could to have stayed in the game. Also recently, Adrian Beltre, of the Boston Red Sox, was ejected in the first inning of a game, after being called out on strikes. Beltre is one of the Sox’s top run producers. It was a game the Sox needed to win to stay in the playoff hunt. Beltre’s spot in the line-up later came to the plate in a key spot, but didn’t produce. After the game, I saw many stories saying the umpire made a poor ejection. The umpire needed to understand the situation better, and keep Beltre in the game. My question? Can someone send me a link to a story where either Beltre or Howard was accused of trying to get ejected to throw the game and hurt his team as Manny has been accused of after his ejection?

Another question. Let’s say The Great Derek Jeter, base runner extraordinaire, super hustler, and all-around perfect baseball player is on first base with one out. Let’s say he takes off from first on a hit and run. Let’s say the batter, instead of hitting it in the hole Jeter created, lines out to the pitcher. What does Derek Jeter now do? Does he slam on the breaks and run as fast as he can trying to beat the throw from the pitcher back to first? Or, does he frown, and coast to a stop before turning back to the dugout. I’m guessiog the answer is b. When Manny Ramirez didn’t run out of the box on a groundball to the pitcher, he was roundly criticized for his lack of hustle. But, in Jeter’s case, not only would he not hustle back to first, but he would actually get farther away from first as he coasted to a stop. The throw from the pitcher would be the same distance. And, since Jeter would be closer than Manny was…he’d have a better shot at beating it out. My Question? Can someone send me a link to a video of Jeter in the above situation stopping on a dime and sprinting back to first?

I have scored three baseball games so far this season. Looking over the books, I see eight players who struck out looking. James Loney of the LA Dodgers. Marco Scutaro of the Red Sox. Adrian Beltre of the Red Sox (twice). Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers. Bill Hall of the Red Sox. Kevin Cash of the Red Sox. Aaron Hill of the Toronto Blue Jays. J.D. Drew of the Red Sox. My question? Could someone send me a link to a story where any of these players were accused of trying to strike out to throw a game and hurt his team as Manny has been accused of?

Please feel free to use the comments section to provide your links.


  1. It's all perception and brainwashing by the media. Sometimes a ball would go into the left field corner at Fenway, slowly rolling. On that play, it's a double. All the LF should be doing is getting the ball and getting it back in before the guy has a chance to go to third, which is near-impossible. So Manny, who was great at playing the wall and knows very well when there's a possible play at second, would go to the corner, not sprinting because he didn't need to be, and get the ball and toss it in. Yet inevitably the guy behind me would go "take you're time, Manny," and 15 dipshits around would laugh and make other jokes.

    Same thing with Jeter. A shortstop could do something slightly wrong and even RED SOX fans will say "Jeter woulda made the play."

    People are idiots and they just repeat what they hear.

    Red Sox fans as a whole are still clearly the best though....

  2. It was the same with baserunnig. If Manny hits a groundball to second, he's not beating it out. Unles the second baseman breaks his leg, Manny will be out. A simple jog will do just fine. A ball hit in the gap? I'm glad he's rested to run full speed.


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