Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ummm…Yeah. OK

The good news? Apparently Theo remembered that he was the Red Sox general manager, and got some bullpen help. It was about two months too late, but it might be better late than never. At least he also remembered that bullpens are supposed to, you know, throw strikes and get people out. What a concept.

It really is amazing just how badly the bullpen pitches sometimes. I’m sure some of that has been picking and choosing places to let people get hit. Joe Torre was the master at this. Rather than use all his arms in a hopeless game, he’d just let some poor schmuck stay out there and take his beating like a man. It’s possible Francona has been doing some of that. Sometimes rather than lose all your arms for three games, it makes sense to leave a guy out there, even after he walks four straight batters. Of course, the better idea is to have relievers that don’t walk four straight batters. But, that’s for Theo to figure out. It’s really been a problem with the whole pitching staff. There’s always been a weak link. It’s been different people almost all the time, but there’s always that one. It makes it even more frustrating that way. So often so many people will play well, only to have the one guy ruin it all. Three great starts, and the next guy throws a stinker. Six great innings, next guy gets lit up. I know that good teams have that sort of consistency, but it’s annoying to be that close to a great run.

Speaking of Torre, it was interesting to hear his recent comments about the Mets coaching job. It was interesting for a couple reasons. First, Torre is still the manager of the Dodgers. Second, the Mets have a manager of their own. So, a manager of one team expressed interest in a position with another team that isn’t yet vacant? Can anyone say tampering? The other thought that popped into my head when I heard that is Derek Jeter. Now, I hate thinking about Jeter, but sometimes it has to happen. Would he follow Torre to the Mets? He’s always adored Torre. He could stay in the NY market. You know the Mets would love to rip him away from the Yankees. Everyone knows that Jeter can’t play short, but the Yankees can’t move him. I assume Jeter knows it too. If the Yankees finally come to their senses and shift him, it’s a demotion of their once proud captain. If Jeter signs with the Mets, he’s gets to defer his shortstop position in an honorable classy move to a new team like his good friend did when he came to NY. Once with the Mets, if I can believe the national media, Jeter’s calm eyes and winning attitude will rally all the talented Mets around him and drag them to a championship. Not a bad exit for a career. As they say, if Bobby Orr can leave Boston…

Anyone can go anywhere.

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